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Charged with DUI?

The consequences of getting arrested for a DUI can be both devastating and long lasting. You need an experienced and aggressive DUI attorney working hard to defend you. At the law office of Brian F. Greenwald, P.A., we provide the quality representation you deserve.

Our local Fort Lauderdale attorneys have years of knowledge and experience successfully representing clients charged with all types of DUI Driving Under The Influence cases, both misdemeanor and felony.

We understand how traumatic and costly being charged with a DUI and having to go through the criminal court system can be, and are dedicated to guiding you through this difficult process.

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Experience Matters!

Our lawyers have been to trial over 150 times as lead counsel. We have defended just about every type of case in the criminal justice system, from ​​juvenile offenses, misdemeanors, all the way to felonies punishable by life in prison.


We are experienced litigators who are dedicated to aggressively defending your DUI case. You can read more about our local Fort Lauderdale attorneys by clicking the link below.

Broward DUI Lawyer Brian Greenwald

Fort Lauderdale DUI Attorney
Brian Greenwald

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