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Driving Under The Influence
1st Time DUI

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A first time offense for Driving Under The Influence (DUI) is a criminal charge. Specifically, it is a misdemeanor that requires a mandatory adjudication. If convicted, the consequences are, among other things, a permanent criminal record that can never be sealed or expunged. Additional penalties for a first time offense include:

  • A fine of not less than $500 or more than $1000

  • Up to 6 months of possible jail time

  • Mandatory reporting probation for up to 1 year

  • Suspension of your driving privileges

  • DUI Program Substance Abuse Course

  • Any recommended substance abuse treatment

  • Psychosocial evaluation

  • Minimum 50 hours of community service

  • 10 day impoundment of the vehicle you were driving

The costs of a DUI can quickly add up.

In addition to the mandatory fines, you will be required to pay for the costs of your probation supervision, the fee for the mandatory DUI classes, and the costs of any evaluations and follow up treatment. You will also be responsible to pay for your vehicle impoundment. Finally, you will be required to pay a driver's license reinstatement fee to get back your driving privileges.  

Keep in mind that the costs mentioned above don't even include the long-term costs of increased insurance premiums.

Our attorneys have been fighting DUI cases for over a decade.

Our founding partner, Brian Greenwald, tried his first DUI case back in April of 2005. The trial lasted two days, but the jury was only out for 10 minutes before returning with a not guilty verdict!

Don't plead guilty to your DUI charge. Let one of our experienced DUI lawyers provide you with a free case evaluation today.

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