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DUI With Drugs

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DUI is an acronym ​for Driving Under the Influence. The charge itself does not specify what you have to be under the influence of. Drinking to excess is only one of many ways your normal faculties can become impaired to the point that you fall under the DUI statute.

You can also become impaired by drugs, either prescription or recreational, and even over-the-counter medication. Although the theshold for a DUI charge based on alcohol is a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08%, there is no comparable standard of measurement for any other type of drug. This means that ANY amount of medication, prescription or otherwise, could form the basis for a DUI charge. 

This could be troublesome for many reasons. For a heavy cannabis smoker, you could continue to test positive for up to 45 days after you last smoked. Cocaine takes 2 - 3 days to metabolize through your system. Even though you are no longer under the intoxicating effects of the substance, it may still show up in your blood stream, and could unfortunately form the basis for a DUI charge.

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