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DUI With Property Damage

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Car accidents, even minor fender benders, are a common occurrence in DUI cases. When an officer is called to the scene for any type of collision, they are always on the lookout for possible signs of intoxication. Even the slightest indication that a driver's normal faculties are impaired will give an officer cause to request a Field Sobriety Test.

In a standard DUI case, an investigation usually begins with a traffic stop based upon the officer's direct observations of your intoxication. In DUI Property Damage cases, the investigation initially focuses on the accident, since the officer is called in after-the-fact. If during the initial accident investigation the officer suspects that you may be intoxicated, the focus will then switch over from an accident investigation to a criminal investigation for DUI.


If, in the course of committing a DUI, you cause any damage to the property or person of another, you may be facing enhanced panalties. Your DUI can be enhanced to a 1st degree misdemeanor. Rather than 180 or 270 days for a 1st and 2nd DUI respectively, the penalties for DUI Property Damage get enhanced up to a possible 1 year in the County jail, regardless of any prior DUI convictions.

In addition to the criminal charges, your insurance rates are likely to go up even higher depending on the amount of damages. You may also be facing the possibility of civil litigation based on any accident or injury you cause. There are many reasons not to plead guilty to your DUI. Call our experienced Fort Lauderdale DUI lawyers today.

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