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DO NOT plead guilty to a DUI. Hire our experienced attorneys today to protect your rights. If you plead guilty to a charge of DUI, even if it's for a 1st offense, you may be facing the following penalties:

  • Criminal record for DUI conviction

  • Mandatory adjudication of guilt - cannot be sealed or expunged

  • Permanent entry on your driving record

  • Increased insurance premiums

  • Possible jail time

  • Supervised reporting probation

  • 50 hours of community service

  • DUI school with follow-up treatment

  • Impoundment of the vehicle you were driving - even if you don't own it

  • Possible deportation for non-US citizens

DUI Penalties

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Our experienced Fort Lauderdale defense attorneys at Brian F. Greenwald, P.A. represent clients in all types of DUI cases, including those that involve:

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